El gato que encontró a Dios

PDF-file by Robert Fisher

El gato que encontró a Dios PDF ebook download To the great annoyance of Marmalade, a marvellous cat with a striped orange tail, Ellen has decided to embark on the spiritual path that will change her life. The first change will be in his diet, and from now on puss is obliged to eat vegetables instead of his beloved cat food. But things get complicated and, unwittingly, Marmalade ends up in India in the Ashram of a well-known guru together with his companion in misfortune Fluffy the pussycat. After many adventures they return to their native land after being abducted by a UFO and end up triumphing on the small screen, because, as the authors conclude, "If you like happy endings, this is the book for you"

eBook El gato que encontró a Dios

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