LB (Laguna Beach) (Laguna Beach) (Summer Share, #1)

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LB (Laguna Beach) (Laguna Beach) (Summer Share, #1) PDF ebook download Nola Thacker is a published author of nearly one hundred books in the young-adult genre. Nola has ghost-written for many popular teen-series such as The-Baby-sitters-Club, Laguna Beach and Skating Dreams. She has also penned several thrillers under the pseudonym D.E.Athkins. Additionally, Nola is the credited author behind the Graveyard School series which she published under the pseudonym Tom B.Stone.

Nola Thacker previously worked as a consulting editor for Scholastic Publications in New York. She currently works as a Program-coordinator and librarian at the Westhampton Free Library. Nola is a fan of manga and occasionally appears as a panellist at various Anime/Manga conferences. She also personally oversees content review for her library's graphic novel and anime collections.

eBook LB (Laguna Beach) (Laguna Beach) (Summer Share, #1)

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