Moving Toward God - Finding God from square one (Spiritual growth series)

PDF-file by Carey Green

Moving Toward God - Finding God from square one (Spiritual growth series) PDF ebook download Here's the resource for the brand-new, never-been-to-church-before person who is seriously seeking to know what Christianity is all about.

If you want to get to know God, but are confused by all the religious mumbo jumbo you hear at church, you're not alone. Plenty of people find it hard to connect with God when they don't understand the Christianese their Christian friends are speaking! (Yes, it is another language :)

But you're in luck... or I should say, "You're blessed by God!"

Moving Toward God, is truly a newbie's guide to the basics of Christianity. In this book you'll find out who God is, how Jesus is related to Him (besides being His Son), and how you can have eternal life, beginning now.

You'll find out what all the religious sounding lingo is all about, how to navigate your very own Bible, how to begin reading it, studying it, and learning how to pray to the God who wrote it.

You'll find out what He expects of you and how He's made the way for you to pull off everything He's asking of you, without fail.

Moving toward God is about the life-long journey of finding and knowing God and teaches you how to live out a personal relationship with Him day by day.


Moving toward God is set up in interactive studies that keep you engaged with what you're learning. Think of it like a workbook that goes very simply and clearly through every topic.

* There are questions to answer.
* There are exercises to complete.
* There are prayers to pray.
* There are thoughts to ponder.

And it's all in a very simple, easy to understand format that will keep you engaged with what can be some very deep stuff! So don't be nervous, just grab a copy of Moving toward God and dive on in!

Spiritual growth and Christian learning don't have to be complicated - Moving Toward God proves it!

eBook Moving Toward God - Finding God from square one (Spiritual growth series)

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