The Sicilian Colony Dates

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The Sicilian Colony Dates PDF ebook download It is a pity that Dr. Miller was unable to write much beyond the 1970s.In the 1960s, she developed a brilliant idea; if archeology had amassed enough data so that an enterprising medical expert could compile a database of those in the ancient world who had died in their fifties, forties, and thirties, why couldn't she extrapolate to learn the number of dead in the earlier decades.That done, why not use her new information to work out the number of children the average woman might be expected to have in her lifetime or the odds of a parent or two parents living to see a child reach adulthood.This could be compared to the historical records of the era to learn how accurate they might be.The concept was much too mathematical at the time, but Miller would later employ her technique critique the extant genealogies of many British families.Without this book, the present author would have been unable to accomplish many of the goals in 'Hengest, Gwrtheyrn, and Post-Roman Britain'.This is a difficult book to get through, but the results are applicable to every ancient era, and are necessary for the study of any of them.

eBook The Sicilian Colony Dates

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