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The Ghost Dancers PDF ebook download You don't have to go far from home for a good read. The Ghost Dancers highlight's Kansas City's Pendergast era, and the Union Station Massacre.Terri Bumgardner - Kansas City Star.
When it comes recreating the wide-open Kansas City scene of the 1930s and 1940s, you can't beat G.P. Schultz's The Ghost Dancers.Fred Slater- Saint Joseph News Press. Anybody wondering why the bistate cultural tax passed overwhelmingly can find the answer in G.P. Schultz's novel The Ghost Dancers. The novel spans 10 years and moves from Kansas City to Hawaii to Guadalcanal.Barbara Shelly - Kansas City Star.Shorty is just a scrappy, fun-loving kid when he and katie and their gang witness the infamous Union Station massacre in 1933. That incident starts him on a path that leads to small time crime, run-ins with the Mafia, and an association with the powerful Pendergast machine that controls Kansas City. Shorty's profession as a number's runner and his Dutch Hill rough-and-tumble Irish immigrant upbringing don't stop him from courting the beautiful, headstrong Emma, who has defied her upper crust family to study at the Art Institute and persue her own dreams. Then there's Katie. Shorty's spirited younger sister wants to rescue her brother from a life of crime. She also wants a life of her own with Joe, who dreams of being a writer and is deeply in love with her. The gang enters adulthood, sharing moonlight swims, practical jokes, and first love. But World War Two intervenes, and suddenly life turns deadly serious. On the beaches of Guadalcanal, Shorty, Joe and their friends must face the most difficult moments of their lives, when courage and luck will change their destinies forever.

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