Finding God in the Fast Lane

PDF-file by Joyce Huggett

Finding God in the Fast Lane PDF ebook download Brother Lawrence was a seventeenth century monk whose writings and conversations were recorded in a book "Practising the Presence of God". I read that book a while ago, but found this book byJoyce Huggett made its themes so much more accessible. Her writing is a helpful blend of scriptural context, an interpretation of thewritings and observations from her own and others' life experiences. Fundamentally this is about having an awareness of the presence of God at all times, even when we are consumed by our busyness. There is the need for us to carve out times of stillness to be intentional in our worship of God, but there are other times when we need to draw near to God " on the hoof".

Some great quotes and encouraging thoughts. Particularly valued her idea that in response to God there may be one part of us that is "prepared topay the high price of discipleship while another part hesitates.....The process [of transformation] is gradual and not immediate, we need to be as patient wi ourselves as Jesus is. Found this a very helpful devotional to start the day.

eBook Finding God in the Fast Lane

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