Thinking Skills Workbook [Probation Series]

PDF-file by Jonathan Hussey

Thinking Skills Workbook [Probation Series] PDF ebook download Thinking Skills, and addressing identified thinking skill deficits, form the basis of much of the rehabilitative work done with those who commit offences and anti-social behaviour. For a practitioner, being able to effectively challenge this area in a constructive manner with the client is an important tool, alongside linking work done in any session with the client's 'real life' and environment. The importance of thinking skills as a foundation for interventions, and for building further focussed interventions, can be seen in the Probation Service, Youth Offending Services, Prisons and even schools, where individuals with the greatest needs are often found and highlighted. This workbook offers creative and memorable solutions for practitioners who work with clients identified as having problematic, or deficits, in thinking skills - where this has led offending, or other problematic and antisocial behaviours. It contains exercises that the practitioner can use with adults and young people (15+) on a one-to-one basis or within a small group. The exercises are easy to follow, powerful, and adaptable to different learning styles. Simply pick it up, and go! Full details on the Bennion Kearny website.

eBook Thinking Skills Workbook [Probation Series]

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