Hungry like the Wolf (Bad To The Bone, #2)

PDF-file by Vivi Anna

Hungry like the Wolf (Bad To The Bone, #2) PDF ebook download Note: This book can be read as a stand-alone novel, but if you like, check out Olivia's and Garrick's first encounter in Bad To The Bone.

Olivia Jordan is back in town with only one purpose. To make Garrick Blackthorn pay for ruining her life. Not only did he break her heart, but he turned her into a werewolf. After nineteen months of dealing with the change and time to plan, she's ready for some payback. But when she comes face to face with him, old feelings resurface, and desire once again ignites.

Running a pack is more work than Garrick Blackthorn ever wanted. And now the rival pack alpha, Fisher, is making noise about merging the packs with him at the helm. Garrick will never let that happen but it seems that Fisher has discovered his only weakness ... Olivia Jordan.

His heart still aches for what he had to do to her years ago to keep her safe.But now she's back and right smack in the middle of danger again.

Despite her claims, Garrick can feel the passion between them. It is hot and out of control. This time he won't let her go. He'll do whatever he can to keep her ... even if it means war.

eBook Hungry like the Wolf (Bad To The Bone, #2)

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