Oliver Twist

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Oliver Twist PDF ebook download This book was just lying around in one of our shelves since I was a child. I didn't give notice to it since I was still very young to appreciate a novel. I would only glance at the illustrations; but even so, I still didn't understand the story by just looking at it's illustrations. I really wanted to know the story, but every time I held the book in my hands I just couldn't get myself to read it.

Then the time came that I finally learned to enjoy reading novels. I saw this book once more then I started reading it. When I was finally finished, I became speechless and I said to myself, "No wonder this book was a classic." It was absolutely the most heart-warming story I have ever read!

The arrangement of the plot was fantastic and the ending was just perfect. It was easy to understand and since there were some illustrations, it was much fun to read. I really adore the artist who drew the illustrations since it was drawn clearly and artistically.

I truly love this book. An all time classic favorite.

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