The King's Assassin (The Thief-Taker's Apprentice, #3)

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The King's Assassin (The Thief-Taker's Apprentice, #3) PDF ebook download The end of the original Thief Apprentice series though of course characters from here will continue to appear in the next volume (Dragon Queen or so); 2 years from the end of the last book and Berren escapes from his indenture as a "skag" on a ship somewhere far away from home because he sees his former master Syannis - presumed dead or imprisoned - on another ship

Later Berren joins a mercenary force, gets involved with the efforts of Syannis and his brother Talon to retake Tethis, meets the warlock Kuy again and much more...

"The Bloody Judge" with nine fingers off all things too, now Berren is very far in capabilities from the scared youth of the first two volumes, though inside he is as conflicted as ever; the book contains so much stuff that I really do not want to spoil it, but it moves very well and you cannot stop turning the pages.

There are some little logic miscues here and there - as Berren (and others) really should realize some stuff rather than act sullen and surprise at the bloody finale and the last third of the book covers a lot of time and events in a very condensed "one battle is as another" way, but the book works well and has narrative power with an ending that wraps things up while opening new avenues for the future

In some ways this book is so different from the first two to seem as being from another series, a much darker, bloodier and more adult ones; and in the author's noted style, the novel has almost no get out of jail cards, characters die and no one is safe...

Highly recommended, borderline top 25 of mine as the clear best of the 3 and arguably the author's best at least since his still awesome debut Adamantine Palace (have not yet read Black Mausoleum as of now)

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eBook The King's Assassin (The Thief-Taker's Apprentice, #3)

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