Life as a Way of Golf

PDF-file by Ivan Morris

Life as a Way of Golf PDF ebook download Awarded the Golf Nut of the Year title by the Golf Nut Society of America in 2002, Limerick man, Ivan Morris, is the quintessential, avid golfer. Don’t be fooled as Morris is a golfer’s golfer who knows the game intimately. His latest, and fourth, book Life as a Way of Golf is a typically shrewd and witty commentary on not only the current state of the game but how to effectively play it.

The author notes, “The older I get the better I used to be. I wanted to write this book for posterity and pass on what it took me 50-years to learn before I forget it all. I am never ashamed of my all-consuming, lifelong search for a revelation that would bring me golfing perfection. Such enthusiasms are the spice of life but they are ill conceived”.

Pat Ruddy, owner of The European Club in Ireland and a lifetime golf journalist sums up, “Ivan Morris (always) provides great entertainment filled with lovely knowledge filled interludes. Even I, having read something like 3000 golf books, come away with interesting bits that are new to me. Nobody does golf better.”
Morris has learnt many useful, golfing secrets on the fairways and greens of his golf nuttiness that should be of inestimable value to wannabees. Along the way, he’ll also make you laugh!

eBook Life as a Way of Golf

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