A Force to Be Reckoned with

PDF-file by Delia Delaney

A Force to Be Reckoned with PDF ebook download Jordyn Maddox has hardly the average life. Her brother is Jesse Maddox, star goalkeeper for the Colorado Rapids, and the only person in Jordyn's life that fills it to the fullest. Together they've survived their parents' oppression, and all things that come with their father's insufferable political career. Without Jesse, Jordyn's life would have no meaning. When Jordyn meets Drew Matthews-another professional athlete of the hockey sort-Jordyn believes her life is perfect. She has not only found a man that loves her, but she also has Drew's parents to give her the love and support her own parents never would, and her overprotective brother finally approves of a relationship in his sister's life. When an unexpected tragedy strikes, Jordyn is left with devastating heartache. She eventually cuts herself off from everything else in her life-including Drew. Despite his efforts to keep hold of her, she just won't allow him to. Life changes once again when Jordyn meets Jake, Drew's laid-back, quirky brother. He's fun to be around, and Jordyn needs that, but he's mysterious at the same time and a constant riddle to be solved. All she wants is for her life to make sense, and between the two brothers, she learns life's lessons in unexpected ways. Characters you will love and a story you won't forget...

eBook A Force to Be Reckoned with

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