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Los Angeles Review of Books - Digital Editions PDF ebook download In this season of endless polling and horse race political coverage, we wanted to take a step back and consider what's really at stake in the upcoming election. The Politics brings together "Los Angeles Review of Books's" finest political coverage, including new pieces which have not yet appeared on the site.

Featured articles:

Freddy Deknatel: Obama's Foreign Policy Quagmire
Tom Gallagher: Endless War: Rachel Maddow and America's Power Addiction
Chris Lehmann: Dispatches from Tumorland: On Christopher Hitchens's "Mortality"
Laurie Winer: The Mormon Candidate: A Profile of Mitt Romney
Aaron Shulman: The Fifty Days of the Hotel Madrid: Spain, 15 M and the Occupy Movement
Kelly Candaele: Reporting from the DNC: An Interview with John Heilmann
Jon Wiener: J. Edgar: A History of the FBI
Peter Jenkins: Iran and the Nuclear Question

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