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Just read another good book by Miss Prouty.Now, I believe the books go in this order:


I love all this them, I just wish that I had read them in order.

This book centers on Fabia, who is the daughter of Lisa Vale.I could really relate to this woman, because she reminds me so much of me.The poor woman is settled on a married man.Because his high morals, they don’t commit physical adultery.But, the emotional adultery is all over the place.

I love Ms. Prouty’s writing and I plan on checking out STELLA DALLAS out of the Library next.

Here is another reason I don’t have a table to read from, I like books.I like the feel of books, the smell of books.The picture of this book is one I took.Please note the date stamped on the front of the cover:October 16th, 1951.

I tried to imagine what the woman looked like, how old she was, and how Dallas was on October 6th, 1951.I was holding history in my hands.To think, this book was here at the Dallas Public Library 3 years before I was born!

This book was old, and the story still holds up.It was great.

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