Otherwise Phyllis

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Otherwise Phyllis PDF ebook download A young lady named Phyllis is a tomboy and also the town's darling (except that her three aunts disapprove of her). She is the daughter of a local lawyer whose wife ran off and left him back when Phyllis was a baby. The man with whom she left came from a prominent family, the Holtons, and because of the scandal, the two families have never really been on speaking terms.
Now Phyllis is nearly grown up, and she makes the acquaintance of two young men of the younger generation of Holtons (the nephews of the man her mother eloped with). She makes friends with both of them, although one is a gentleman and the other only has a veneer of niceness.

There was quite a lot of financial talk in this book that made my eyes glaze over, but understanding the details was not essential to enjoying the book.
The story is about Phil's close relationship with her father and uncle, her adapting to the unexpected return of her mother, and the averting of calamity within the business realm of the town. Phil has lots of spunk and wit and is a good character.

eBook Otherwise Phyllis

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