Death of an Angel (Sister Mary Helen, #7)

PDF-file by Carol Anne O'Marie

Death of an Angel (Sister Mary Helen, #7) PDF ebook download When Sister Mary Helen heeds an inner calling, it leads her straight to a killer.

It is a rainy Feast of All Souls and feisty Sister Mary Helen, the Bay City's famous crime-fighting nun, has nothing more on her mind than helping Angelica Bowers, the troubled young woman who works in the library of Mount St. Francis College. Unfortunately, her plans are shattered when dear Gemma Burke, one of her oldest friends, becomes the latest victim of a serial rapist-murderer.

Sister Mary Helen realizes that the San Francisco police, despite their furious protests, need a little divine intervention-so she and her sidekick, Sister Eileen, set off after Gemma's killer. But little do the devout detectives know that they are walking into an intricate web of evil woven by a cold-blooded killer...

eBook Death of an Angel (Sister Mary Helen, #7)

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