Praying for Jennifer

PDF-file by John B. Cobb Jr.

Praying for Jennifer PDF ebook download I've got to say, one of the worst books I've ever read. I read this book for my church group, finished the book in one night, because it's only 90 pages, and discussed the book with the people from church group. This book was SO confusing because to me it seemed that there were many ideas of why God is not making Jennifer better, and it didn't seem like there was enough time in the book to comprehend what the ideas really meant. When my Reverand asked me questions about the book, I had to say I didn't understand it. The book got me really confused, and I thought the ending was utterly terrible.
While this book wasn't for me, I can understand how somebody would like it. I would suggest this book to people who are very spiritual, but have questions in faith and God. Hopefully for them, this book might answer their questions.

eBook Praying for Jennifer

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