Pumpkin Fiesta

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Grade 1-3-"A story with a moral and lots of humor-just right for a Thanksgiving or fall storytime. Old Juana grows pumpkins that always win the prize at the annual pumpkin fiesta in her Mexican village. Foolish Fernando thinks he can grow bigger ones if he just spies on her and copies what she does. Unfortunately, he does not emulate Juana in the most important things: the hard work, time, and love she puts into her farming. After several humorous mishaps, Fernando learns his lesson and Juana makes a new friend. The story is perfectly illustrated with lively oil paintings in hot, bright colors that capture the flavor of the country and enhance the animated story. At the end, the two friends are shown enjoying a bowl of pumpkin soup, right next to the recipe. A very nice offering for the fall."

A book to read during the fall.

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