Fanning the Flame

PDF-file by Kilian McDonnell

Fanning the Flame PDF ebook download The authors of this document supply much-needed clarification of baptism in the Holy Spirit. They also provide evidence that baptism in the Spirit belongs not to the personal experience of the few, not at al to private piety, but to the public official liturgy of the Church. Baptism in the Spirit is therefore normative. The authors, supported by letters of encouragement from two bishops, suggest ways in which the baptism in the Holy Spirit can be reappropriated by the local parish.

Here are the sources of renewal, of on-going conversion, of the power of evangelization. For this reason, this document is of interest to pastors, liturgists, RCIA teams, people involved in the catechumenate, spiritual directors and those in spiritual formation.

eBook Fanning the Flame

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