Taste Test

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Taste Test PDF ebook download The guy you see every day at the office might just be the man of your dreams, right? Who knows until they try?

In Office Politics, by Kalita Kasar, times are tough for Kent and Lewis. Their construction business is taking a hit, and Lewis doesn't know how much more he can take. Thank goodness his partner Kent knows just what to do to make everything, even office politics, better.

In Lockdown, by Glyn Soitiño, Ian is going to be working late, thanks to his insensitive boss. He thinks his luck has taken a turn for the worse when sexy Jake has to stay late, too. He finds out just how good bad luck can be when his high tech building goes into lockdown, and Jake is the only other person around.

Finally, in Bonus, by Sean Michael, Jack thinks his new client, Mr. Leonid, is a picky bastard. He's also sexy, demanding, and very determined to get his money's worth from Jack. Will the two men find an arrangement that suits them both?

eBook Taste Test

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