John Marin and the Sea

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John Marin and the Sea PDF ebook download John Ireland Howe Baur was born in Woodbridge, Conn., on Aug. 9, 1909. He liked to say that his career in art was partly brought about by the Depression, which he faced on his graduation from Yale in 1932. Unable to find a job teaching English, he was lured back to Yale by the offer of a scholarship for a master's degree in art history. After earning that degree in 1934, he obtained his first job, as supervisor of education at the Brooklyn Museum. In 1936, he became curator of painting and sculpture there.

His specialty in American art was also determined by economics. ''The Brooklyn Museum had no money for European Renaissance paintings,'' he once explained. ''But American paintings were extremely cheap and we bought 18th- and 19th-century works for several thousands that are now worth hundreds of thousands.''

In 1952, Mr. Baur joined the staff of the Whitney as a curator, a post he held until his appointment as associate director in 1958.

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