Haunted Canada 2

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Haunted Canada 2 PDF ebook download I have always enjoyed ghost stories, so have Canadian ghost stories is even better.

The stories in this collection are really good, but they could be explained a little more. Most of the stories are no more then a couple pages long, and sometimes it felt rushed or like some information was left out.

Also, the book includes a few stories of alien abductions ("Close Encounter in Cottage Country", "Alien Signals", "Without A Trace". "Cause for Concern" and "Arctic Encounter") and I don't really consider those haunted or ghost stories. They were interesting, but I feel these stories may have been more appropriate for another book on aliens.

The other stories I really enjoyed and the few that are from Nova Scotia made me what to visit the sites and find out if I can see any ghosts :)

eBook Haunted Canada 2

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