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Joseph Beuys, Drawings PDF ebook download Dean got this at Moe's a couple weeks ago, and I convinced him to let me borrow it before he had time to go through it—while working, at least conceptually, on a website redesign, I've been considering printing marks, architectural sketches, shapes, etc, and I thought Beuys's drawings would help coalesce into something. While they haven't, necessarily, they have provided inspiration otherwise.

The brief introduction to Beuys is actually, surprisingly, exactly what I needed right now as well; I'm always surprised that I don't know as much about Beuys as it would make sense for me to know—much of his concerns directly relate to my concerns, and being a devotée of James Lee Byars (who, of course, was obsessed with Beuys), it would make sense for me to investigate further.

So! Primacy taking place here, exactly what is needed! An excellent book as well, though I bemoan the fact that not all of the reproductions are in full color.

eBook Joseph Beuys, Drawings

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