The Ghost in the Big Brass Bed (Nina Tanleven, #3)

PDF-file by Bruce Coville

The Ghost in the Big Brass Bed (Nina Tanleven, #3) PDF ebook download When sixth grader Nina Tanleven starts working at an antiques shop, she never expects to stumble onto a mystery — or into danger. But that's exactly what happens when she and her best friend, Chris, go to pick up an antique wardrobe at old Miss Watson's. From the moment the girls set foot in the run-down mansion, they sense that it's haunted — even before they discover the tower room with its big brass bed and grieving little girl ghost!

But the tower romm isn't the only place holding secrets. In the parlor there's a gruesome painting, which seems to have a terrible hold over Nina. Could there be a connection between it and the ghostly child crying upstairs? As Nina and Chris begin investigating, a second ghost puts in an eerie appearance. The girls realize this could be the biggest ghost-busting adventure of their lives — if they survive!

eBook The Ghost in the Big Brass Bed (Nina Tanleven, #3)

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