Essentials of Baking (Williams-Sonoma Essentials)

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Essentials of Baking (Williams-Sonoma Essentials) PDF ebook download Every generation has its standard bearers—and for today's cooks, it's Williams-Sonoma. Second in the "Essentials" series, this is the ultimate "everything you need to know" baking resource from America's favorite expert on all things culinary. From the simplest muffins to artisan-style yeast loaves, it covers the ingredients, equipment, and fundamental techniques for successful baking. In addition to step-by-step photos and baking tips and tricks, this informative volume offers insights on baking traditions around the world. Over 130 recipes include sumptuous photography, straightforward directions, and multiple variations—in short, everything a cook needs to know to rise to the top.

eBook Essentials of Baking (Williams-Sonoma Essentials)

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