One More River

PDF-file by Suzanne Ellison

One More River PDF ebook download It wasn't that Amy didn't believe in God ... It was just that she was afraid that He no longer believed in her .. .

Faith, like childhood, was something she seemed to have outgrown, and returning to Camp Colina, the scene of her most meaningful experiences, was proving disastrous.

She'd never met a man better suited t the ministry than ADAM REED, nor one more graced with integrity and compassion. His concern for a stranger should have been to his credit, but to Amy's mind, his profession was a betrayal of everything she thought had passed between them. He didn't care about her, AMY SHELBY, person .. friend . . . woman. She was a member of the flock—no more, no less. Of all the pain in her life, this was the worst—this, the ultimate rejection.

eBook One More River

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