Theory of Valuation

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Theory of Valuation PDF ebook download Being a fellow Vermonter, I have felt constrained to praise Dewey.I haven't been able, however, to read what he has written to any strong advantage.This book, actually a soft cover pamphlet, is in the same series as Kuhn's "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions."The series also includes a book about Psychology by Egon Brunswick, Otto Neurath on Social Sciences, and Carl Hempel on concept formation.The idea of the series is to "aid in the integration of scientific knowledge."It is an early example of interdepartmental thinking.In his book, Dewey makes points that seem consistent with Pragmatism."Cash value" seems to be the valuation he is thinking about, with an emphasis on observation of behavior and results.Here's a quote: "Desires and interests produce consequences only when the activities in which they are expressed take effect in the environment by interacting with physical conditions."I got my water damaged copy of this book free; good luck finding yours.

eBook Theory of Valuation

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