Mariposa U

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Mariposa U PDF ebook download Freshman Maui Gutierrez is thrilled to be in college, but without the support of his high school best friends, he flounders socially. While his academics are going well enough, Maui isn't sure with which group of possible friends he should ally himself. And strangely, he isn't sure just how open he should be about his own sexuality. When his crush on runner Diego moves more quickly to sex than he wants, he is crushed, and can't understand his own mixed feelings. Despite knowing better, though, Maui comes to Diego's rescue more than once, barely averting a tragedy and leaving his family and friends confused. The characters and the experiences described in this book could be torn from recent newspaper pages because of their honesty and timeliness. Maui is too trusting for his own good, and like many of us, he falls for the wrong guy. I particularly enjoyed the passages in which he returns home for a Thanksgiving visit and finds that it's hard to reconnect with his old friend Trinidad. For those who think college is easier than high school, this book proves that that isn't necessarily so.

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