Cavalcade of Terror

PDF-file by Kelly M. Hudson

Cavalcade of Terror PDF ebook download Monsters, torturers and serial killers abound in this collection of horror stories not for the faint of heart, written by both established and up and coming new authors. In the darkness within us all resides a demon no one can destroy, one that feeds on carnage and mayhem. Though you may try to deny this, you know it's true. Human beings are no more than animals, filled with selfishness, greed and evil intentions. Will you face your true self or continue hiding in the shadows? If unsure, then delve into these pages of terror and unlock your innermost fears. With stories from Kelly M. Hudson, Matt Kurtz, Rocky Alexander, Anthony Giangregorio, David James Keaton, Shane Koch, M. L. Traxler, Terry Alexander, Mandy J. De Geit, Michele Roger, Marc Shemmans, P. A.. Douglas, Wesley Southard, Wayne C. Rogers, Tim Reynolds and Christopher Nadeau

eBook Cavalcade of Terror

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