Puppy Love

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Puppy Love PDF ebook download PG-RATED FUN by USA Today and Amazon bestselling author Heather Horrocks.
This novella is about 80 print pages in length and is the second of the popular Chick Flick Clique Dog Park novella series. Each are stand-alone books that may be read in any order.


The good news? Ian Wylde just inherited three million dollars. The bad news? If he accepts the ninety-day stipulation of the will, he’ll lose the job—and promotion—he’s worked for since he left the military. Plus he will become the constant caretaker of an eight-pound, faux-pink, bejeweled poodle named Fluffy. He has to take Fluffy to a specific veterinarian—a pretty blonde who wears flirty sundresses—every week for ninety days to make sure he’s taking good enough care of her—or he could lose everything.

Veterinarian Sara Jacobs is glad to carry out her friend’s last wishes concerning her beloved dog—and the payments will help her pull her clinic out of the red from all her freebie work. Unfortunately, she has to deal with former Navy SEAL Ian Wylde, a tough guy who has never even had a dog. He looks like trouble with a capital T, and she’s going to keep a close eye on him—and what she sees is an incredibly attractive man.

Sheldon Murray just needs the freaking diamond ring hanging from the stupid dog’s collar so he can win back Edwina, the love of his life.

Sometimes all a good romance needs is a little puppy love.

OTHER FEATURES: Professionally edited.

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