Christmas Confessions / Secret Agent, Secret Father

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Christmas Confessions / Secret Agent, Secret Father PDF ebook download Christmas Confessions

Jack Grant just couldn't leave a case cold. Luckily a hot tip led the investigator to Abby Conroy. Her Web site—Don't Say a Word—broadcast a stalker confessing his many sins, and every crime was committed to get Abby's attention.

Establishing contact with Abby brought Jack closer to a killer who had haunted him since the death of his sister. It had left him frozen, yet focused beyond belief—the perfect condition to keep Abby safe. But if protecting her thawed the pain that had chilled his heart, would he still have a chance to bring her home this holiday?

Secret Agent, Secret Father

Left for dead, spy Jacob Lomax had no recollection of who he was or who had tried to kill him. The only thing he responded to was Grace Renne, and she made his body feel very much alive....Grace was all too familiar with Jacob's body, but his emotions had always been hidden from her. His sudden appearance on her doorstep had frightened and excited her. Never had she seen this side of him—lethal, but protective. He was the perfect man to keep her and her baby safe from hard-core killers, but did he have the skills to be a proper father, too?

eBook Christmas Confessions / Secret Agent, Secret Father

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