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Sliced PDF ebook download "An exhaustive job of researching and writing . . . "Sliced" has my highest recommendation." — Lee Haney, seven-time IFBB Mr. Olympia "I almost wish I had the only available copy of "Sliced," because it would give me a definite edge on my competitors at the next Ms. Olympia competition!" — Anja Langer, IFBB European Champion, Junior World Champion, 2nd/Ms. Olympia, 1988 In a sport where nutrition represents 50 percent of the formula for success, rising to 90 percent during those crucial weeks just prior to competition, bodybuilders—from beginners to seasoned professionals—look to the latest nutrition strategies to gain the winning edge. "Sliced" represents up-to-date, proven diet programs and scientific data for achieving maximum muscularity and superior definition. Bill Reynolds, bestselling author and editor in chief of Joe Weider's "Flex" magazine, has teamed up with Negrita Jayde, former Canadian Overall National Champion, to give readers detailed and authoritative guidelines on nutrition for bodybuilders. Topics include the role of nutrition in hyping the immune system and improving between-workouts recovery, the seven degrees of muscularity from basic off-season shape to super-ripped, tips for increasing the basal metabolic rate and thus burning off excess supplements. In addition to more than 130 recipes and a variety of meal plans, this book offers Jayde's personal nutrition-training program for attaining peak muscularity. Now that drug testing is standard in competition, bodybuilders will particularly value the chapter on ergogenics—achieving an anabolic effect naturally—all in all making "Sliced" state-of-the-art in every detail. Bill Reynolds is the editor in chief ofJoe Weider's "Flex." His 15 years of work and travel with all the champions has resulted in more than 2,000 magazine articles and dozens of books, including "Supercut" and "Joe Weider's Ultimate Bodybuilding." Negrita Jayde is a former Canadian Overall National Champion and author of numerous articles on the subject of nutrition.

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