Summer Jackson

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Summer Jackson PDF ebook download Summer Jackson Grown Up is a story of a little girl, Summer, who is tired of being seven and wants to be a grown up.After Summer gets a taste of what it is like to be a grown up and sees that there are responsibilities that come with it, she realizes that she misses the joys of childhood.This is a darling story with a great message. The central message is to enjoy being a kid and to not rush into adulthood.I think a lot of children would be able to relate to this book because rushing into adulthood seems to be a common theme in childhood.The story is told from seven year old Summer Jackson’s point of view.I love that Summer is full of spunk and life – such a fun character!This is a great book with a nice message that depicts a wonderful African American family.This book could be enjoyed by children of any age, but would probably appeal to very young children (ages 3-7).

eBook Summer Jackson

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