Mystery Bay Blues (Les Norton, #16)

PDF-file by Robert G. Barrett

Mystery Bay Blues (Les Norton, #16) PDF ebook download Les Norton is back in this his 16th adventure and what a great cover! This time the South Coast Blues Festival is on and Les heads to Narooma for a few days of drugs, sex, violence and rock and roll, courtesy of a repaid debt from a dodgy acquaintance. Of course Les finds trouble within a few hours of arriving and hands out a violent lesson to some rude fishermen in the first pub he visits. Unfortunately the fishermen have a friend with a bad reputation, and he is now baying for blood. In the meantime Les meets Amazing Grace, becomes acquainted with a ghost, travels back in time after a magic mushroom trip and uncovers a cocaine smuggling drug ring.

I am not sure what has happened to Les. I have previously enjoyed Barrett's humour and the scrapes that Les gets himself into. But this one just didn't live up to expectations. The start of the book was hard to follow, with random references to events that occurred in the previous Norton adventure. Having not read the previous title, I was at a loss. This coupled with the author's note alluding to Les's participation in a date rape means I won't bother either.

And it was generally downhill from there. Sure there was the occasional funny line or comical story, but essentially much of the book was spent describing a blues festival and how 'the grouse' Narooma was through the lecherous, inebriated and/or stoned eyes of Les Norton. And the less said about the padded magic mushroom trip the better.

The old adage of 'never judge a book by it's cover' can be applied to this book. Admire the cover, and move along.

eBook Mystery Bay Blues (Les Norton, #16)

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