Rescue Team Nine

PDF-file by Sabrina D. Guthrie

Rescue Team Nine PDF ebook download Rescue Team Nine is an elite team of men comprised of all branches of the service: Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard. There’s no mission they can’t complete but can they succeed in love?

Eric “Bear” Anderson’s life with an abusive father left him feeling angry. In order to combat that anger, he joined the Marine Corps where he not only found his place but excelled. Assigned to Rescue Team Nine, they are sent to Wayward Ranch by their new Captain. While there, he meets Ayasha Black, the captain’s daughter and together they embark on a romance neither of them expected.

A flood hits the town with devastating results and an enemy takes the one thing that Bear holds dear. Will he be able to save the one woman he’s ever loved?

eBook Rescue Team Nine

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