Rosehill Manor

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Rosehill Manor PDF ebook download Three months ago, her brother Lord Alec Chambreville's scandal led to him fleeing England for the continent and his concerned sister Lady Constance rusticating away from London. Her friend Lady Larissa Wakefield is in a panic as her sibling the tyrannical earl arrived and has interrogated her about her guest. Larissa explains she told a fib to her brother Marcus by claiming Constance is Miss Violet, her companion for the summer who was recently in Italy and a strict follower of Mrs. Carver's Hints For Young Ladies reference tome that he demands a chaperone rigidly apply. She explains she was afraid that Alec's scandal would make Constance an unacceptable friend in the mind of her proper behaved brother.

Lord Marcus and Miss Violet meet and to their chagrin they are attracted to one another. However, he has issues with her beautiful looks and sassy deportment; she has issues with his handsome looks and his overbearing deportment. As they fall in love, he uncovers one of her deepest secrets: how she uses Mrs. Carver's Hints For Young Ladies weighty book on proper etiquette.

This is a terrific amusing Georgian romance due to the cast as the lead couple is a fine pairing of a lady in disguise and an earl struggling with her impertinence that on the one hand he cherishes and on the other he scorns. Fast-paced, fans will enjoy rusticating at Rose Hill Manor as the minx teaches the tyrant how young ladies in love behave.

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