The Music Makers

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The Music Makers PDF ebook download Read at least once in the 80s / 90s and really enjoyed. Am well ready to re-read all his books

FROM BOOK: It is 1873. Under a full moon, two Assiniboine Indians rustle twenty from a
group of sleeping white men, wolf hunters taking in their pelts to trade. This sets the scene for two parallel narratives. One is the haunting story of a young drifter known simply as 'the Englishman boy'. He joins the wolf hunters en route north into Canada on the trail of the horse thieves. Vanderhaeghe's rendering of the stark, dramatic beauty of the landscape becomes a perfect backdrop for vivid scenes of action, adventure and violence. The other story is set in 1920s Hollywood, where Harry Vincent, a struggling young hack writer in a movie studio, is plucked from obscurity by the enigmatic studio head, Damon Ira Chance. Vincent is enlisted to find the elusive old time Western actor, Shorty McAdoo. Chance believes McAdoo will be able to provide him with the authentic material he needs to fulfil his grand artistic vision to make the big film about the American West. But Chance has a darker ambition and the story Vincent painfully extracts brings the two narratives together in a brutal climax. At the heart of this unforgettable novel is Shorty.......

eBook The Music Makers

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