Don Troiani's American Battles

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Don Troiani's American Battles PDF ebook download Lavishly illustrated with full-color artwork, some of which can be found only in private collections Contributors include some of military history's biggest names, such as Stephen W. Sears, Robert K. Krick, and the late Brian Pohanka Includes the artist's reflections on the craft of painting In this panoramic tour of America's military past, acclaimed artist Don Troiani once again turns his brush to the wars of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, focusing on the storied battles of those conflicts. From the French and Indian War through the Civil War, Troiani brings his flair for painstaking detail and high drama to such famous battle scenes as Bushy Run, Bunker Hill, Cowpens, Burnside's Bridge at Antietam, Little Round Top at Gettysburg, and Chickamauga. Narratives by leading military historians accompany the paintings and provide background stories that are as exciting as they are informative. For many of the pieces, Troiani has written insightful and often humorous commentary on the joys, surprises, and challenges of the creative process, offering a rare glimpse of the artist at work. Don Troiani's American Battles is his most unique work to date, a must-have for newcomers and old fans alike.

eBook Don Troiani's American Battles

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