African American Higher Education

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African American Higher Education PDF ebook download This groundbreaking history provides a broad overview of African American higher education in the United States from slavery and the Antebellum era up to the historical Obama election. Written in engaging, accessible language, this text is unrivaled in scope. By means of personal narratives, examples from ordinary and extraordinary individuals, and deep contextual analysis, this text tells the story of African Americans and their pursuit of education, bringing the history alive for the reader.

The award-winning authors explore the topic chronologically, and in addition to extensive archival and primary source research, they draw upon oral histories: the voices of those who lived through the educational experiences and issues examined in the book. African American Higher Education is a comprehensive overview that provides an invaluable understanding of the larger historical context behind the facts and figures, and it will prove an essential resource for students and scholars alike.

eBook African American Higher Education

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