Lithic Analysis

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Lithic Analysis PDF ebook download Stone tools constitute our earliest record of human material culture. As such, they have held a fascination since the earliest days of archaeological research. Procedures by which archaeological stone tools have been analyzed have traditionally operated on an apprenticeship model, whereby a novice acquires competency from an expert in the field. While this pedagogical model has been tried and tested, it is not always the most efficient method: it is labor intensive, and it requires a resident lithics expert. This practical volume does not intend to replace a mentor, but acts as a readily accessible guide to the basic tools of lithic analysis that a researcher can consult. Some focuses of the manual include: History of stone tool research, Procurement, manufacture and function, Assemblage variability. This manual also includes text boxes, bringing basic terms and information to the attention of the researcher. Lithic Analysis will be an incomparable source for academic archaeologists, cultural resource and heritage management archaeologists, government heritage agencies, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students of archaeology focused on the prehistoric period.

eBook Lithic Analysis

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