Pioneer Instinct (Time After Time Saga, Book #3)

PDF-file by Lynette Endicott

Pioneer Instinct (Time After Time Saga, Book #3) PDF ebook download Eliza O’Malley and brother Allen travel from Ireland to join their father and brothers on an 1880s Wyoming homestead. Allen is almost destroyed during the voyage, but Eliza’s benefactors rescue them both from their father’s foolish carelessness and mounting debt.

When she has worked off her passage and built her own wealth, Eliza completes the journey, knowing that she has been called to fulfill her destiny as a Heartmark woman. She is immediately swept off her feet by the neighboring rancher Frank McGee. His sister Jude, her friend and business partner, harbors a secret that will nearly destroy the love between Eliza and Frank.

Clues from an ancient diary, the fierce intervention of animal helpers, and ancient artifacts play a part in the life of all Heartmark women, including Eliza. Will they be enough to overcome the horrible rumors spread by Jude and restore Frank’s love for her?

eBook Pioneer Instinct (Time After Time Saga, Book #3)

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