You've Got It Made

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You've Got It Made PDF ebook download Imagine coming home at the end of a busy day and knowing that you will be able to enjoy a delicious, home-cooked dinner with your family. With the do-ahead magic of Diane Phillips, it's never been easier. You've Got It Made features her stress-free make-it-now, bake-it-later strategy - the ultimate solution for time-pressed cooks and families on the go - and offers 150 recipes for starters, entrees, sides, and desserts that you can prep and assemble ahead of time, refrigerate or freeze, and bake right before serving.

About the Author:
Diane Phillips, the Diva of Do-Ahead, is a culinary educator, cookbook author, and food consultant. Her cookbooks include Happy Holidays from the Diva of Do-Ahead, the James Beard Award-nominated Perfect Party Food, and The Perfect Basket. She teaches her easy, elegant, do-ahead approach at cooking schools all over the country

eBook You've Got It Made

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