Shadow Lady, Vol. 02

PDF-file by Masakazu Katsura

Shadow Lady, Vol. 02 PDF ebook download The fate of the world depends on Shadow Lady finding and sealing up the dreaded Demon Stones, but first she must vanquish the evildoers corrupted by their demonic power. But Aimi Komori has very little left of the magic eye shadow that transforms her into Shadow Lady, and she must transform for perhaps the final time to face the hideous Zera, Arch-Demon of Destruction. If Shadow Lady can't reseal the Demon Stones, Zera will transform into the Demon of Final Destruction, and mankind and demonkind will both buy the farm Of course, the citizens of Gray City think that Shadow Lady is actually Zera's master, so they're after Shadow Lady's head too

eBook Shadow Lady, Vol. 02

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