Muslim Politics and Democratisation in Indonesia

PDF-file by Luthfi Assyaukanie

Muslim Politics and Democratisation in Indonesia PDF ebook download In the wake of Indonesia s 2004 elections, three eminent Southeast Asian scholars produced this study, analyzing the political struggles of post-Suharto Indonesia. Dr. Luthfi Assyaukanie considers the search for an ideal model of polity and focuses on the santri generation, which entered the public arena in the 1970s. Prof. Robert Hefner discusses the influence of informal Muslim politics on Indonesia's formal political process, the rise of Islamist paramilitaries, and the conservative turn among ulama groups like the Majelis Ulama Indonesia Indonesian Council of Religious Scholars. Finally, Prof. Azyumardi Azra explores the compatibility of an Islamic state and democracy, and evaluates the 2004 elections in Indonesia.

eBook Muslim Politics and Democratisation in Indonesia

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