Career Warfare

PDF-file by David F. D'Alessandro

Career Warfare PDF ebook download There are'nt too many books on this theme so this book does deserve a higher rating than average. The language is quite informal and brief.

Some nuggets are
-You have to view your own actions in the same way that the people judging you will view them.
-Everyone has a natural tendency to make excuses for their behavior. Don’t make excuses for yours. People will decide who you are on the basis of the things you do.
-Don’t flatter yourself. You can’t build a good personal brand if you can’t see yourself as others see you.
-To get noticed, turn whatever particular qualities you offer into something that is of value to the higher-ups.
-When you are young, getting access to powerful people is the name of the game.
-You are also less likely to be fired or laid off if you are a hunter. That’s why there are so many obnoxious salespeople in the world who are retained even if their personality defects are numerous
-To quickly elevate your personal brand, make bold promises and deliver on them.
-You have to develop a reputation for leadership, because at some point your ability to do things yourself becomes meaningless. What counts is whether you can get other people to do them.
- It’s about the people, not the theory.­ Know what you don’t know.A reputation for fairness is must
-Do not develop a reputation for sycophancy. Do not allow yourself to be thought of as someone who is afraid to speak his or her mind. It will brand you as mediocre, and you will never rise high.
-The real question is whether or not you are smart enough to use them as well. And what you want to use them for is to develop a reputation as someone who is destined for higher things.
-Early in your career, experience is more valuable than money.
-family is a dangerous and inaccurate metaphor to use to describe that closeness which people develop working together. The right metaphor is military
-When you stop learning from your boss and your experience and stop adding to your reputation, it is probably time to move on. And if the organization is not willing to move you up, it’s time to move yourself out.

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