On the Big White Oak

PDF-file by Corrine Coleman

On the Big White Oak PDF ebook download Adam is a man who has everything: a great career, a happy marriage and visions of the family he always wanted. When the news of his wife's infertility leaves her heartbroken, he is helpless to save her from the despair she has wrapped herself in. Desperately trying to cope with the turn his life has taken, he makes a foolish decision that changes his life forever.

Marian, a kind, independent and lonely woman, has never stopped caring for Adam, her childhood love. After he marries her cousin, a girl she holds dear to her heart, she struggles to hide her true feelings while still being supportive of the relationship that seems meant to be. When a sudden turn of events leaves her bearing a shameful secret, she begins to find solace within the core of her mistakes.

For Delia, life without Adam is inconceivable. She is consumed with their marriage and the future she has planned for them. When she finds out she cannot get pregnant, her world begins to crumble. Caught in the middle of a complex love triangle, she battles with the depression her infertility has caused and comes face to face with her greatest fear.

eBook On the Big White Oak

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