Harrington on Hold 'em

PDF-file by Dan Harrington

Harrington on Hold 'em PDF ebook download I picked this book up again because I realized that my post-flop play had gotten sloppy.This time I took the book seriously.With pen in hand, I went through the exercises and scored as I went along.It’s hard to fool yourself when the answer, right or wrong, is staring back at you.

In short, the book forced me to look at the second level of book: what does my opponents betting say about his hand.Like many tight-passive players, I’d often imagine the worst in an opponent’s hand.This book taught me how to read an opponent’s bets and make an educated guess about what they have.Also, I learned importance of calling with the second best hand on the river when they pot odds dictate that it’s the right thing to do.

eBook Harrington on Hold 'em

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