Healing with the Hip Chick

PDF-file by Jessica Porter

Healing with the Hip Chick PDF ebook download Great for deep relaxation, which reduces stress & supports the immune system.
Designed specifically for people following the macrobiotic diet.
When Jessica Porter isn't teaching macrobiotics, she is a hypnotherapist, using deep relaxation and positive suggestion to empower her clients in their lives. In her work with hundreds of clients, she has discovered that hypnotherapy and macrobiotics share a critically important premise: when the body (or mind) is cleared of blocks, it has the capacity and will to balance itself.
Just as macrobiotic eating releases unnecessary stress from the body, hypnosis takes the mind into deep relaxation, where it can receive positive messages and resolve conflicts. So much of our lives are spent engaged in furious conscious thinking, with little or no positive result. But when the subconscious mind is engaged, real power is tapped, and the natural healing wisdom of the individual takes over.
Healing with the Hip Chick contains two tracks. The first track is designed to help the listener follow the macrobiotic diet with precision and peace. By imagining macrobiotic meals and moving from one meal to the next, the subconscious mind creates the new habits necessary for change. This track also demonstrates all the benefits of following the macrobiotic diet over time: flexibility, wellness, and freedom being but a few.
The second track uses imagery to engage the subconscious mind in healing. The Healing Star, a beam of light radiating through every part of the body, serves to clear the body of all subconscious resistance and negativity. Your body wants nothing more than to heal completely. Now your mind can be on board as well.
Whether this CD is used to support you in addressing a specific health condition, or just for falling asleep more easily, the deep relaxation and positive messages you receive will filter up into your waking state of consciousness throughout the day, making your life more powerful and happy in every way!

eBook Healing with the Hip Chick

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