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MEGA MEMORY As seen on TV PDF ebook download The best-selling memory enhancement system that has already helped millions around the world on Audio Tapes & Book format. Using breakthroughs in memory training, Kevin Trudeau, founder of the American Memory Institute, has developed a complete step-by-step program to gain access to all the hard-to-reach information in your mind. Already practiced by millions around the world, his Mega Memory techniques show how to organize information in the mind for instant recall- thereby enabling listeners to perform more efficiently and more profitably in everything they do.

Let this step by step, easy to learn Memory program provide you with techniques that will rapidly become part of your new way of thinking and greatly improve your life.

The Mega Memory System includes: 8 x Audio Tapes, 72 Page Work Book, Pocket Guide, an extra tape called "How To Remember Everything In Your Past" and a large clamshell case Folder to hold everything in.

The tapes are the centerpiece of the course. Dedication and attention to the lessons taught on them will enhance your memory more fully than you ever thought possible. They will teach you techniques involved in remembering hundreds of names,complex directions,facts from everything you read or hear,speeches and presentations, and much more. The workbook offers exercises to help illustrate lessons presented on the tapes. The pocket guide is a collection of names and memory-enhancing mental pictures representing them. It is to be used not only to learn specific pictures for specific names, but also as a springboard from which you can create mental pictures for any word. Mega Memory is the most complete course on long term memory expansion ever made available to the public. Your mega memory can begin today, right now.

eBook MEGA MEMORY As seen on TV

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