The Death (The Death Trilogy, #1)

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The Death (The Death Trilogy, #1) PDF ebook download The Death will find you...

Devin Chase, a writer by trade and urban dweller sits in his apartment in New York unaware that his fiance is the first victim of a worldwide pandemic called, The Death. Upon learning of his fiance's condition he sets out to find her. Unprepared and unsuccessful he barely survives the initial days and takes refuge in a secluded barn. After six months he emerges from his self imposed quarantine to find that over 90% of the world's population is dead. With no knowledge or skills he must learn and adapt as he goes. As he travels, he discovers others like him who are immune but he must also confront that the world he knew is gone. It has been replaced with a savage and brutal one where the only rule is 'kill or be killed'.
A thousand miles away, Lori Roberts, a mother of two, wife and successful business woman must tackle the harsh realities The Death has imposed. Within weeks of the outbreak, her family is quarantined at a FEMA camp. At first they believe the camp is their sanctuary, but soon discover something entirely different and sinister is happening to the survivors.
Two people, two survivors but one ultimate outcome. They survived The Death but will they survive what the world has become.

eBook The Death (The Death Trilogy, #1)

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