Ready? Set. Raymond!

PDF-file by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Ready? Set. Raymond! PDF ebook download This is a level 2 book and would be okay for beginner or more mature level 2 readers; either could enjoy this book. It's a short chapter book (almost a 1st chapter book) type. Raymond is the main character and thislittle boy likes to do things 'fast' (word that is repeated many times in the book. Even though everyone tells him to slow down he likes to go fast (race, slow down, fast are repetitive words in this book) In the second 'chapter' a new family move in and he wants a new friend but his momma tells him it takes times to make friends but he goes over and scares the little girl but later he takes her a treat and reintroduce himself and they become friends. The last chapter he is in a running race, and he gets new shoes they are so white and pretty he doesn't want to get them dirty. But he wins the race.

eBook Ready? Set. Raymond!

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