The Hour of the Cobra (Time-Travel Series, #2)

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The Hour of the Cobra (Time-Travel Series, #2) PDF ebook download Title : The Hour of The Cobra
Author : Maya Williams
Rate : 4.5 Stars

This was the first time I read Maya William's book and I was expecting to by bored out of my mind and not complain because my dad got this for me on his way back from work because Historicals are not my cup of tea. Or so I thought.

The story started off with Xanthe Alexander who was sulking over losing a Contest to her brother and twin Xavier Alexander. I think those of us with siblings can understand the sibling rivalry here where we all would pull the others leg to get to the top. I find these two quite witty and really great characters and I also liked the fact that Ms Williams used African Americans in her tale. Xanthe and Xavier have a knack for getting in trouble and when ot comes to showing the other off, they go on full force.

There mission along with their friends was to keep it discreet and not draw attention. However, Xanthe had other plans. During her drop offs, Xanthe comes face to face with Cleopatra (view spoiler)

Xavier Alexander is a funny, smartass, outgoing black belt who can be beat gladiators in battle. This guy with his charasmatic personality tends to make his sisters friends his own which gets on her nerves. The twins speak in a code which sounds simple enough but to them its a whole different meaning.

Now, lets go to the second pair of siblings and time travellers with the Alexanders. Rowan and Nina Popelwell aged fourteen and twelve respectively.

Rowan is a cute, smart and dorky guy who is a video games geek which might I add will help him a lot. Rowan would seem like a shy and dorky little nerd but you see this boy's thinking and leadership is an important asset to the gang so dont you dare underestimate him.

Nina the youngest of the group and music prodigy who had stopped playing music after her mother died with three cut CDs. This little girl is a hyoeractive ball of energy. She is very resourceful and her music can even tame the wildest of beasts. Her brains and quick thinking had gotten them out of some tight spots so dont go doubting this little girl either.

Those were just the characters but the plot was wonderful with the perfect combination of humor, sibling rivalry, friendship, sibling bonding and of course a smalldrop of romance. The mix of modern times and history is amazing and how the charcters interact with the famous leaders like Cleopatra and Julius Caesar is something that Im in awe of.

Im sorry I cant tell you much about the plot as i know I will end up spoiling it for you guys which I am sure you guys dont want.

The only downside in this was the timeline thing because that was really cknfusing and you would have to turn the pages back and see it again and again.

So yeah, that is about it. Do read it though, it will be worth it

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eBook The Hour of the Cobra (Time-Travel Series, #2)

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